Digital book

Pittsburgh Carnegie Library Breaks Record With Nearly Two Million Digital Book Releases | Features | Pittsburgh

Click to enlarge Photo: Rakuten OverDrive Libby digital library app There’s no denying the allure of a physical book – that distinct smell of pages, which changes with the age of the title, the sound of a new spine creaking, the satisfying feeling of turning a page. But even the most resilient to digital media […]

Digital comics

9 comixology tips for mastering digital comics

Amazon-owned, New York-based Comixology burst onto the scene in 2007 with an innovative idea: to bring digital comics to mobile devices. Comixology isn’t the only company making the move, but it has become the most successful, with thousands of American comics, manga, paperbacks, and graphic novels available for purchase. In fact, Comixology even serves as […]

Digital diary

Digital journal apps to help you keep track of your thoughts

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be out of date. Please look at the history’s timestamp to see when it was last updated. Apps that can serve as your digital diary to help you track everything from your thoughts to your mood in 2020! “Dear Diary” sounds like something […]