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DC Comics publishes a selection of digital comics; No “Batman”

DC Comics will release a selection of comic books digitally for the week of April 1, which will not include new titles such as Batman #92 and up. Instead, these new comics that were supposed to be released on Wednesday, April 1 are pushed back four weeks to April 29. DC won’t release the collections […]

Digital comics

DC Comics Confirms All Digital Comics Are Available Tomorrow

| DC Comics Advertising Director michael bombing announced the new list of DC Comics titles that will be available digitally this Wednesday. As previously reported by Bleeding Cool, they will no longer be releasing the monthly direct market titles slated for April 1, including the highly anticipated Batman # 92. Instead, these titles will be […]

Digital comics

Marvel Comics Pulls All Digital Comics This Week As Well As Print

| Marvel Comics has just confirmed that in addition to not having any new comic book titles printed in store this week, they will not be distributing any digitally either. Whether through the Marvel app, ComiXology or Kindle, although the wording indicates that they can continue with the digital editions of the collected editions. This […]

Digital comics

DC Comics withdraws digital comics starting Wednesday, including Batman # 92

| In previous reports, Bleeding Cool has told you that the situation of the big comic book publishers and their print and digital comic book projects is undetermined. It looks like it’s changing now. Over the weekend, we noted that DC Comics had a full line of digital comics for this Wednesday, including the likes […]

Digital comics

Digital coronavirus comics will suffer the same fate as print, but should they?

When theaters across the country closed, studios began to figure out which films to postpone and which films to release digitally early. It may not be the best medicine, but it is the only one available. But what about comics? Recently, Diamond Comics distributors halted weekly shipments. Now that comic book companies must postpone printed […]

Digital comics

Dark Horse won’t release new digital comics next week

| With Diamond shutting down and no comic book shipping to local comic book stores, even the ones that are still open, next week, the world is waiting to see what will happen in the first week without new comics. As the direct market is poised to suffer, one question remains unanswered: what about publishers? […]

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Alum to host digital book tour for Ithaca-inspired comic

“Ithaqa” is a 1920s Lovecraftian horror comic book series written by Michael Watson ’13 and illustrated by designer Theresa Chiechi. The adventure series is set in Ithaca, the home of the main character of the comic book, Mookie smitts, and his gang of misfits. As they sneak through the town’s underground bars and the Wharton […]

Digital comics

UK government removes VAT on digital comic book sales

| Om Monday, my weekly political cartoon for Guido Fawkes reviewed plans this week for Sunak Rishi, the new Chancellor of the Exchequer of the Conservative government to increase borrowing and public spending, as well as remove tax breaks, thereby increasing the overall tax burden. But he just removed a very significant tax for the […]