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Sony Digital Paper arrested in Japan

Sony Japan originally designed and manufactured all generations of the Digital Paper e-note. They have released the DPT-S1, DPT-RP1, and DPT-CP1 over the past six years. Initially, these E INK-based devices were only sold in Japan, until the US business unit was formed and mainly focused on selling them to businesses and eventually to consumers […]

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Madefire Shuts Down, Leaving Multiple Digital Comics Apps in Limbo

Madefire, a digital comics platform that launched to much fanfare in 2011, is quietly shutting down, leaving many buys and apps powered by its technology in limbo. The company was founded by Ben Wolstenholme, Liam Sharp and Eugene Walden. Sharp left for things like Green Lantern, but Wolstenholme stayed until the end. According to a […]

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Digital comic book startup Madefire closes its doors – TechCrunch

RIP Madefire, a startup that recruited top artists to reinvent comics for new formats and platforms. An announcement on Madefire’s website says the company entered into a “creditor benefits assignment” (explained as “state-level insolvency proceedings similar to bankruptcy”) earlier this month, which was then reported this morning in The Beat. As a result, no new […]

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Everything you need to know about digital comics

Comics. If you are of a certain age, you might remember their ubiquity, as they were sold in supermarkets, bodegas and newsstands. If you’re a little younger you might remember comics like those periodicals that exist in dedicated stores or as paperbacks in Barnes & Noble. Sadly, neither comic book stores nor Barnes & Noble […]

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Hyper Scape Digital Comics To Get Physical Dark Horse Release

Dark Horse Books has announced the publication of a commercial paperback of the Hyper-Scape digital comics on January 18, 2022. All six two-part digital comics are currently available through Dark Horse’s digital comic platforms as well as on Hyper-Scapethe official site of. The comics are written by Christofer Emgård with illustrations by Gabriel Guzman and […]

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An introduction to digital comics for new readers

| Tapas Media has a huge selection of online comics that can be read on their website through their iOS and Android apps. For a new reader, this can be quite overwhelming. Do not be afraid ! Clean tapas Kim estlund offered an introduction to new readers to discover their most popular series: Tapas Media […]