Digital comics

Veve reveals Marvel’s digital comics

From Spider-Man to Marvel Mighty’s, Veve and Marvel present another collectible set of NFTs featuring some of Marvel’s most historic comic book issues. While celebrating Marvel Month, Veve unveiled the first three limited-edition Marvel Comics on their platform, which includes Marvel comic number one (1939), Journey into the mystery number 85 (1962), and The Fantastic […]

Digital comics

DC goes to bed with Webtoon for digital comics

| DC Comics has struck a deal with South Korean online publisher Webtoon, for a new deal with DC Comics characters appearing in the Webtoon comics. According to Variety, who got the exclusive PR, DC and Webtoon will collaborate on standalone webcomics that “will appeal to any fan, without needing to know or read previous […]

Digital book

New digital book aims to educate Canadians about Indigenous sports heroes

A digital book exploring the rich history and contributions of Indigenous athletes is now available online. Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame launched the Indigenous Sports Heroes Educational Experience on Monday with a virtual event. Bob Rooney, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame, said the organization was honored to showcase […]

Digital comics

Chinese digital comics platform, Kuaikan plans international expansion

Kuaikan, China’s online comic platform, plans to go too far and expand into more international markets around the world. The company said it plans to invest one billion yuan (approximately US $ 156.3 million) over a three-year period, which will be used to support comic book authors and improve the distribution of these comics. in […]