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What is a payday loan? 7 expert reasons to avoid them

We earn a commission for products purchased through certain links in this article. With the rising cost of living, you may be wondering what payday loans are and if they could be a solution to ease the strain on your household finances. With the price of everything rising these days, many of us are looking […]

Digital paper

They create an enhanced digital paper that brings reading closer to the natural way

Seeking to bring even closer to the natural reading experience through e-ink devices, the E Ink company has just officially introduced the next generation of its digital paper technology called E Ink Gallery 3. Among the advantages over the previous generation is a increased update speed both in black and white and through the various […]

Digital Payments

Cash App Borrow: Cash App’s new lending feature

Bojan89 / If there are times when you need an advance before you get your paycheck, Cash App loan money could be a lifesaver. After all, sending and receiving money from the peer-to-peer payment service is so simple. The good news is that Cash App has rolled out borrowing functionality for a limited number […]

Digital comics

Marvel Releases ‘Who Is’ Scarlet Witch & America Chavez Digital Comics

| We had What If, now we have Who Is, a new digital Infinity vertical comic for Marvel’s Marvel Unlimited streaming comics service. With introductions to comic book stories from Wanda Maximoff, The Scarlet Witch (in its current form at least) as well as America Chavez, long before the Doctor Strange movie Into the Multiverse […]

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What is an emergency loan?

Bankrate’s latest 2021 emergency savings survey found that 51% of Americans don’t have enough money saved to cover three months of expenses. The same survey found that one in four respondents had no emergency savings, leaving them financially vulnerable in the event of job loss or an unexpected medical bill. One option for those who […]

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Get Instant Same Day Payday Loans Online in California –

California is a great place to live thanks to its warm climate and endless beaches. Each city in the state has its particular vibes. At the same time, some people find the cost of living quite expensive here. No wonder so many people struggle to cover bills like mortgage, rent, and utilities. Online payday loans […]

Digital comics

Moon Knight QR Codes Easter Eggs Offer Free Digital Comics

Games, movies, and TV series have a tradition of hiding Easter eggs in their product. Mainly because fans love them, since they reward those with a keen eye with a connection to its lore, an immersion in history, and an aha moment of recognition. moon knight on Disney+on the multi-faceted Marvel superhero played by Oscar […]

Digital comics

Onyx Boox launches the new digital comics application Bilibili

Onyx Boox has developed and tested a new digital comic app for its full range of devices through a partnership with bilibili. This version of the app was developed specifically for digital reading devices. In order to adapt to the refresh features of e-ink screens, Bilibili has simplified the user interface of the application, keeping […]

Digital comics

WEBTOON and DC Unveil New Slate of Digital Comics Set in the DC Universe

WEBTOON and CC today revealed a new slate of digital comics. Part of a previously announced creative partnership, the new slate of digital comics will be available exclusively on WEBTOON, introducing a new audience of comic book fans to the DC Universe and iconic DC characters. New original series will launch throughout 2022, starting with […]