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4th Annual Queer|Art|Pride Digital Book and Print Fair – Gay City News



Various works for sale at the Queer|Art|Pride Digital Book & Print Fair

Queer|Art, NYC’s hub for connecting and empowering generations of LGBTQ+ artists, is pleased to share the first details of the 2022 Queer|Art|Pride digital book and print fair, the 4th annual of the summer festival celebrating the work of community organizing dynamics of over 200 LGBTQ+ artists.

The Queer|Art|Pride Digital Book & Print Fair is an annual summer market featuring a wide range of artists, open for business online at from June 1 to July 31. This year, the fair welcomes more than 50 participating artists from our extensive network of artists. The online marketplace offers an abundance of works to view and purchase, including (but not limited to) artist books, novels, zines, poetry collections, drawings, photographs, watercolours, clothing, collages and prints. 100% of the Fair’s proceeds directly benefit the participating artists.

The online marketplace will be accompanied by two SHOW ‘N’ TELL live events from the Queer|Art|Pride Book and Digital Print Fair, which will take place on Zoom. Artists participating in the digital marketplace will perform readings of excerpted works, offer show-and-tell of works for sale, and more. The Show ‘N’ Tells will take place on Tuesday, June 14 and Tuesday, July 19 from 6-7:30 p.m. EST. More details to come!

Participating artists include: Mitchell Allison, Florencia Alvarado, Devin Antheus, Frances Arpaia, Andi Avery, Jeffrey Augustine Songco, Daniel Barragán, Danielle Benedict, Kaeten Bonli, KS Brewer, Rachel Britton, Jessica Buie, Jibz Cameron, Candystore, Amarise Carreras, ryy casper, Hao Chun Chang, Marco DaSilva, Carmen DeCristo, Sharon De La Cruz, Sara Duell, Sokari Ekine, Michael Espinoza, Dylan Everrett, Chitra Ganesh, Rami George, Golden, Goodw.yn, Naima Green, Cristobal Guerra, Annika Hansteen – Izora, Carlos Hernandez, Marie Hinson, Henry James Hanson, Serena Jara, Jordi, Kei Kaimana, Cosmic Kitty, Kia LaBeija, Sunny Leerasanthanah, Joseph Liatela, Malachi Lily, Heather Lynn Johnson, Felli Maynard, Iris McCloughan, Sarah Mihara Creagen, Sarah Panzer, Russell Perkins, Jorge Sánchez, Pamela Sneed, Jeannette Spicer, Natalie Tsui, Tobaron Waxman, Erica Wessmann, Brendan Williams-Childs, Eva Woolridge, Agustine Zegers and Zhidong Zhang.

To visit the Digital Book and Print Fair, go to

From left to right: “Pur suit” by Naima Green, “The Future Tense” by Russell Perkins, the assorted zines by Brendan Williams-Childs.

At the Digital Book and Print Fair, there’s something for everyone! Photographer Naima Green sells Pur Suit, a deck of playing cards featuring images of queer womxn, trans, non-binary, and gender-nonconforming people, inspired by Catherine Opie’s Dyke Deck. At 2018-2019 QAM Scholar Russell Perkins’ table, you can buy his book, The Future Tense, a publication centered on collective grief that has been named “One of the finest Swiss books of 2022” by the Ministry of Culture of Switzerland. In the zine section, Fair favorite and 2015-2016 QAM member Brendan Williams-Childs sells a sensational series of zines on everything from queer revenge fantasies, to Star Trek fanfiction, to Sappho writing. . Visual media enthusiasts will enjoy the whimsical and playful drawings of 2014-2015 QAM mentor Jibz Cameron, the erotically biomorphic sculptures of Erica Wessmann and the bold photographs of Eva Woolridge that explore the spiritual nature of femininity across the gender spectrum .

From left to right: “Fuck a baby” by Jibz Cameron, “Weight of Trauma” and “Inspection” by Eva Woolridge, “Dependent Hole // Perfect Fit” by Erica Wessmann.

About Queer|Art

Queer|Art connects and empowers LGBTQ+ artists across generations and creative disciplines. Founded by in 2009, we are an artist-led, community-focused organization united by shared values ​​of collective care, creative resilience, and the preservation and promotion of queer legacies and futures.

The devastating loss of a generation of artists to the ongoing AIDS pandemic has created a deep desire for intergenerational connections, mentorship and community. Queer|Art serves as a ballast against this loss, seeking to highlight and address a fundamental and persistent lack of economic and institutional support for our community.

Ongoing programmatic initiatives include: our core annual program, the year-long Queer|Art|Mentorship; our long-running HBO-sponsored Queer|Art|Film series at the IFC Center; and a wide range of awards, grants, and offers that provide direct support to LGBTQ+ artists.


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