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Archie Comics Prepares To Celebrate 80 Years With Digital Comics


It’s hard to believe Archie Comics is 80 years old. What started out as a superhero comic book as the edition MLJ, our iconic redhead, only made its first appearance two years after the publisher began life. Archie first served as the backup story for MLJ’s superhero comics, starting with Pep Comics # 22 in December 1941. Yet Archie turned out to be a success, and the rest, they say, is history.

Archie Comics 80th Anniversary features exclusive digital cover.

Archie gets the party started early with a special line of digital comics. Fall under the Archie Comics 80th Birthday Presents line, these digital books will consist of classic comics for all ages on various digital platforms. Fans can find these digital comics on ComiXology, Hoopla, and the Archie Comics app. Starting April 22, fans can download Archie, Josie and the Pussycats, and Veronica Lodge as Powerteen with BlackJack. On April 29, fans will be able to download Jughead, Cheryl flower, and New crusaders. May 6 Betty and Véronique, Katy keene, and Young Salem will be available. Some of these titles might be new to many readers, but many of these heroes were staples of the MLJ hero line. Young Salem will follow the exploits of a young Salem – the talking and sarcastic black cat who lives with Sabrina Spellman.

Fans can expect to pay anywhere from $ 0.99 to $ 1.99 per comic. While I’m not sure what the content of each comic will be, I’m willing to bet we’ll see at least a few reprints of each character’s first appearance. And while we don’t know what other characters will benefit from the 80th anniversary treatment, I still have hopes for a few long-forgotten characters such as Ginger, Suzie, and Wilbur. Of course, once comic book companies are able to publish physical books, hopefully Archie will consider releasing them in comic book stores and wherever comics are sold. These would look gorgeous in my extensive Archie collection – especially the superhero comics. If you’re unfamiliar with most of the characters in Archie Comic, these books are great. They are a great starting point for new fans, and even old ones. Happy 80th, Archie! Here are 80 more – and more!

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