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Batman, Spider-Man and Neil Gaiman Cheap Digital Comics

It’s time to take another look at the digital comics that Comixology has for sale right now. What are good reads and what are good buys? We’ll mainly be looking at the sales that end on Thursday and what an eclectic set of digital comics this is.

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As always, DC and Marvel have head-to-head sales. This time around, Marvel is all about Spidey with THREE concurrent sales.

The biggest is probably the current Nick Spencer / Ryan Ottley series The incredible Spider-Man. The exact discount varies a bit, but most of these volumes are 67% off – 5 issues valued at $ 2.99. It’s a good thing. To note: Amazing Spider-Man: Hunted is Vol. 4 for this series, even if it is not correctly labeled. Also, although it is not on sale at the moment, I cannot recommend Spider-Man’s Superior Enemies quite. By Nick Spencer and Steve Lieber, this is so close be a prequel and it’s hilarious. This sale runs until Thursday (10/8).

Marvel’s Amazing Spider-Man by Nick Spencer and Ryan Ottley

Then until Sunday (10/4) is the Green Goblin Sale. But it’s mostly a Spidey sale. If you want goblin in your life, I recommend going with the four Lee / Ditko and Lee / Romita Epic collections. These are 60% thick books for $ 7.99 and you get some top notch material. Possibly the most recent Red jester.

Amazing Spider-Man by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko
Amazing Spider-Man by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko

More comics adjacent to Spidey and Spider-Man? Marvel is happy to oblige. The silk sale also takes place until Sunday (10/4). While you could opt for the Robbie Thompson Race, or part of the Dan Slott The Incredible Spider-Man featuring Silk, the coup for your purchase might be a title I really don’t know: Amazing Spider-Man & Silk: The Spider Effect (Fly) by Robbie Thompson, Tom Grummet and Todd Nuak is listed at 69% off – 550 pages for $ 4.99. Now … it was originally an 8 number infinite comic, so strength means 160-180 comic book pages if you don’t count the effects, but that’s a nice discount.

DC still has its event sale until Monday (10/5) and it’s definitely worth browsing. Love Batman and want a good deal on a good read? I always found No Man’s Land be the best of the events in the 90s Batman lineup. Gotham is cut off from the rest of the country, and Batman’s gallery of thugs begins to dot their territories, tribal fashion, among the wreckage. This is reprinted in four volumes, three of which exceed 500 pages. 70% off at $ 5.99 each.

Batman: No Man's Land

And for something with fewer capes, also until Monday (10/5), there’s the Dark Horse Neil Gaiman sale. As you may remember, Dark Horse has been adapting Neil’s prose work to comics for quite some time now. You can save a bit on individual titles with The Neil Gaiman Library, Vol. 1. You may have raised an eyebrow at Mr. X: The Archives be in the sale. While Mister X is Dean Motter’s baby, Neil and Dave McKean have a story in it. Mister X is a science fiction series mixing architecture and insomnia. There is a real row of murderous talents in this book, also including Bill Sienkiewicz, Los Bros. Hernandez, Seth, and Ty Templeton, among others. It’s worth a look.

Neil Gaiman LibraryMr. X