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Best digital comics app for kids

The Avengers had their Endgame. The Flash, Arrow, and DC Super Hero Girls have completed their current seasons. Do not be afraid, true believer! Comics and graphic novels transport your children’s favorite heroes on new adventures! Unfortunately, not all of them are suitable for young readers. But we have found the best digital kids cartoon app that not only offers parental controls, it’s free too!

The problem with digital comic book apps

The amount of content offered by Comic Book Powers is enormous. Marvel Unlimited offers over 25,000 titles and exclusive bonus content for $ 9.99 per month ($ 99 / year). DC Unlimited offers over 21,000 titles and its own exclusive video content for $ 8.00 per month ($ 75 / year). Both companies also have apps that allow you to purchase unique numbers starting at around $ 2.99 / title.

The problem? There are no parental controls in the apps that allow parents to filter this content. Monitoring of purchased titles will not limit free previews, samples, or other content that these companies have deemed appropriate for all ages.

One solution: ComiXology Unlimited for young readers owns ComiXology Unlimited, which provides access to 125 independent comic book publishers and creators. It means great variety. With this app you can get over 20,000 titles for $ 5.99 / month. It is therefore as robust as the Marvel or DC applications, but does not contain all of their titles, which are the best known to most children.

However, ComiXology has an advantage with a “junior” application called Comics4Kids. Common Sense Media approves this app for readers ages 10 and up. Parents can log into the Comics4Kids app and the child-friendly content they purchased from ComiXology will be automatically uploaded to the Comics4Kids app.

The best digital comic book app? Your public library

best free digital comic book app

Libraries store comics (print and digital versions) and your public library card is the most reliable way to filter this content on your child’s device. Plus, it’s free.

Overdrive (logo pictured above) and Libby are the library apps that are linked to your library card. Parents set “maturity levels” in the app (instead of the device) to automatically filter content. Using the app, readers view books as if they were visiting the library, and the content is automatically deleted from the device when it is due.

The only negative point is the selection. Individual libraries decide which books they offer, so you won’t always find all the titles. However, most libraries have huge choices and you can use the app for multiple “locations”. Combine that with free comics while making sure the content is appropriate, and we think it really is the best comic book app for young readers.

Comics and graphic novels offer young readers many possibilities for adventure and imagination. While not all content is kid-friendly, there are ways to support your child’s interest in comics without opening the door to inappropriate content. It’s getting kids to read – in many different forms – and that’s what matters most.