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British Institute Releases IIT-M Professor’s Digital Book

The prestigious UK Institute of Physics has released an e-book on photoelasticity written by a professor from the Indian Institute of Technology-Madras (IIT-M). The book highlights the re-emergence of photoelasticity, its use in various fields, and its importance in teaching stress analysis concepts to students to understand the nature of the stress field.

Professor K Ramesh, ‘Mahesh K Chair Professor’ in the Department of Applied Mechanics, is the author of the book Developments in Photoelasticity – A Rebirthwhich is based on decades of active research by him and his students at IIT-M.

IIT-M said the digital book highlights in a single volume, the use of photoelasticity to understand complex issues such as understanding biological systems through their locomotion, which can help develop robots hoses for disaster management, improving agricultural production by understanding the stresses developed in plant roots and the role of needle shape in epidural injections, among other applications.

Various applications of photoelasticity from many key applications in mechanical science as well as neurobiology, plant biology, biomaterials, biomimetics, granular materials, soft matter, glass stress analysis, and rapid prototyping for making complex models are also discussed in this book.

“What’s really striking about this book are the applications of this research, which range from plant biology to semiconductor packaging. It can be a game-changer, when implemented on the ground. I am sure many students will make this their career and I look forward to many start-ups in this field,” said Professor V Kamakoti, Director of IIT-M.

Sharing the need for such books, the author said engineering schools across the country need to reboot their labs on photoelasticity — given the great advances the technique has made over the past two decades and offering the hope to solve emerging problems in various fields. “Instead of a real lab, many could benefit from setting up a virtual polariscope at a fraction of the cost of the actual setup,” he added.

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