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Chinese digital comics platform, Kuaikan plans international expansion

Kuaikan, China’s online comic platform, plans to go too far and expand into more international markets around the world. The company said it plans to invest one billion yuan (approximately US $ 156.3 million) over a three-year period, which will be used to support comic book authors and improve the distribution of these comics. in more international markets.

In this regard, the company has already started operations in Colombo this year, with the aim of enticing readers in Sri Lanka to read Chinese-language comics, Chinese-language website Shine reported. This enables the company to have a presence in over 200 countries and regions around the world using 70 platforms overseas. Other regions in which the company is active include several English speaking countries, as well as Japan, South Korea, etc.

The company also added that it relies on the latest advancements such as digital publishing techniques or AI-based recommendations to promote its comics. This, they hope, will make Chinese-language comics more popular among the younger generation. As it stands, the Kuaikan platform already hosts more than 100,000 authors as well as 200 million users.

In addition to supporting comic book authors and helping them reach a wider audience across the world, Kuaikan is keen to embark on other projects, including the creation of animations and mini-videos that will also target to the national and foreign public.