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DC Comics Confirms All Digital Comics Are Available Tomorrow


DC Comics Advertising Director michael bombing announced the new list of DC Comics titles that will be available digitally this Wednesday. As previously reported by Bleeding Cool, they will no longer be releasing the monthly direct market titles slated for April 1, including the highly anticipated Batman # 92. Instead, these titles will be rescheduled on April 29. Other DC Comics sources have informed me that this will be the trend in the future as distributors and comic book stores are stranded and print distribution is absent or reduced, with a four week delay on releases. digital editions of the comics in question.

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Instead, DC Comics will offer its first digital titles such as Gen: Lock, Teen Titans Go and Batman Adventures, and collections such as the new Freedom fighters trade or Trans-metropolitan book 3. The list of collections that will be made available is different from those currently listed on ComiXology. And DC Comics is making, as usual, some old classic issues available digitally for the first time, including Eclipse # 3 and We’re looking for: the world’s most dangerous villains # 9. The announcements offered for the following week still contain the full normal headlines, but this is also subject to change. So here’s the digital distribution list currently slated for Wednesday April 1 from DC Comics, via ComiXology, the DC app, and Kindle, courtesy of DC Comics. However, please keep in mind that this may change again before tomorrow.

DC Comics Digital for April 1

  • 1st special issue # 8
  • Batman: The Adventures Continue # 1
  • Police Comics # 356
  • Nightmare Gate # 5
  • Eclipse # 3
  • Freedom Fighters: Rise Of A Nation
  • gen: Lock # 14
  • Justice League of America; 60 years celebration
  • Super friends # 4
  • Teen Titans Go! At Camp # 6
  • The Specter # 4
  • Third transmetropolitan tome
  • Wanted: The world’s most dangerous villains # 9
  • Weird Mysterious Tales # 1
  • Wonder Woman Vol 2: Love is a battleground

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