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DC goes to bed with Webtoon for digital comics


DC Comics has struck a deal with South Korean online publisher Webtoon, for a new deal with DC Comics characters appearing in the Webtoon comics. According to Variety, who got the exclusive PR, DC and Webtoon will collaborate on standalone webcomics that “will appeal to any fan, without needing to know or read previous stories.” More are expected to be announced in the coming weeks, but the comics will be available digitally in English before being translated into other languages.

Senior Vice President and General Manager of DC Daniel Cherry III, brought to DC Comics in the first place to lay off most of the staff, said in a statement that said very little “DC is thrilled to introduce our iconic characters to a new generation of fans around the world,” then DC has “worked on. working closely with the authors and artists of Webtoon to adapt our characters and stories to the mobile format of Webtoon Our common goal is to create fun and engaging DC stories that all readers will enjoy. Ken Kim, CEO of Webtoon Entertainment noted that its audience tended towards readers aged 16 to 24 and said that they value “well-known intellectual property like DC’s to turn into content for the younger generations – this will be good for DC and Webtoon.” David lee, Content Manager said “This collaboration is an important step for us as we work towards a new era of digital comics in the United States.”

Two years ago, Webtoon was the world’s most popular comic book publisher, and its size and reach have grown significantly since then, averaging 72 million monthly active users, of which around ten million are in the States. United, and its serialized, vertically scrolling webcomics are available in the free Webtoon app for download for Android and iOS, or through the company’s website. Webtoon has also launched in the United States and has offices in Los Angeles, currently recruiting talented editors and pilots. Usually the first few chapters are free, with paid episodes beyond. While many creators have come to fruition only on Webtoon, others recognized in other markets include Linda Sejic and Justin Jordan.

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