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DC Universe moves to an all-digital comic book platform – Cinelinx

After much speculation, Warner Bros. formalized it. All of the original DC shows will transition to HBO Max as DC Universe transforms into a full comic book service.

If you’re wondering what’s going on with DC Universe after the launch of HBO Max, which seems like the best place to stream all original series… you are far from alone. Many suspected that all of the original DC Universe shows would make the leap to Max, leaving the future of services in question.

Today, Warner Bros. finally clarified everything and announced the service’s transition to DC Infinite Universe. It will be a platform entirely dedicated to comics, with more than 24,000 titles to read when it is fully launched on January 21, 2021. And yes, that means all the original shows (Titans, Doom Patrol, and Harley Quinn) will be upgrading to HBO Max for current and future seasons:

Calling all comic book fans to explore the multiverse! DC today announced the evolution of DC UNIVERSE into DC UNIVERSE INFINITE, a premium digital comic book service scheduled to launch on January 21, 2021. With access to over 24,000 comics at launch, subscribers of DC UNIVERSE INFINITE will also experience first digital comics. , members’ access to DC fan events, as well as a constant stream of newly released comics six months after their physical versions hit store shelves. After its initial launch, DC UNIVERSE INFINITE will begin to expand globally in SUMMER 2021.

DC’s premium digital comics platform will provide members with an expanded collection of original comics and graphic novels, spanning over 80 years of the DC Multiverse. Fans can also download comics, graphic novels, and originals for unlimited offline reading on their favorite smartphone or tablet.

Subscribers will also have earlier access to the new Digital First comics which include titles such as Aquaman: Deep Dives, Batman: Gotham Nights, DCeased: Hope at World’s End, Harley Quinn: Black + White + Red, Injustice: Year Zero, Shazam! : Lightning Strikes, Superman: Man of Tomorrow, Swamp Thing: New Roots and Wonder Woman 84, and many more. DC Universe Infinite Originals will also debut on DC UNIVERSE INFINITE, including new comic book content centered around beloved characters… stay tuned for updates!

The Fan Preferred Community Zone will be free to all registered and premium DC subscribers with a full schedule of events slated for 2021. Subscribers will not need to create a new account as their DC UNIVERSE connection will move to DC UNIVERSE INFINITE .

For DC UNIVERSE subscribers who want continued access to premium DC originals, the DC UNIVERSE members special offer at HBO MAX has been extended. To celebrate Batman Day and the announcement of DC UNIVERSE INFINITE, a special offer for eligible subscribers to upgrade their service to include HBO Max for an additional $ 4.99 per month for a limited time is now available until until October 30, 2020.

Will you stay with DC Infinite Universe for all comics?