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Digital comics platform GlobalComix reports increase in readership and signups

As Comixology is gradually absorbed into “Kindle Unlimited”, many have wondered if another digital comics service will emerge to offer the kind of services designed for comics that the site and app Comixology standalones once offered.

Well, it’s an uphill battle, but here’s some PR from GlobalComixwho has for a while, and is still there kicking. They bill themselves as “a digital comic book publishing platform that allows comic book creators and publishers to upload, publish, monetize, and translate their content.” Besides indie comics, they also feature comics from publishers like AWA, Humanoids, Mad Cave, Heavy Metal, and more.

They report that their “first creator initiative” has been a big success – a feature that allows creators to upload their digital comics and sell them on the platform. They just sent out a release that includes lots of charts and graphs that show growing numbers, and you know we love charts and graphs here at The Beat! No indices that give real figures, but an upward trend.

Since the start of 2022, the GlobalComix digital library has grown to over 12.5,000 books published, they report, with over 110 publishers and over 1,000 creators publishing content, with over 2,000 books and over 50,000 pages downloaded in June. Unique visits to the site more than doubled from the previous month, with readership growing by more than 50%.

It’s no surprise that readership and usage have grown – Comixology Submit moved to Kindle Direct Publishing in September. Although KDP is a very successful portal for authors, comics are much more complicated to upload and download than prose, and cartoonists seem to want a tool more suited to their needs.

There’s a video on how to upload to GlobalComix – I haven’t watched the full 10 minutes, but it seems like a pretty robust interface. I checked Twitter and independent creators seem to like the platform.

You can check out the graphics and learn more about the release below. This all sounds promising and good – and a Comixology alternative would be good for the industry – although GlobalComix seems to be building from the ground up with smaller publishers.

That said, the jury is still out on whether all the changes at Comixology have actually hurt digital sales, according to this investigation published on Popverse. Publishers were quite vague when asked if digital sales had been affected. I asked a few questions myself and got similar answers. I don’t know what the reporting timeframe is for Amazon/Comixology sales, but you THINK those would be pretty easy to track.

Be that as it may, make way for tables and graphs!

Membership grew, as follows, which jumped 800% – which they attribute to productive and positive social media engagement with creators and readers and underscoring their commitment to building an inclusive community.

And they have testimonials:

“Putting creators first is one of our fundamental pillars, so seeing the incredible response in the first six months of 2022 is humbling,” said Christopher Carter, CEO and Founder in a statement. “We only have the success of our creators, so we will continue to build GlobalComix as a place that welcomes anyone, from anywhere, to share their passion with the world. Carter continued, “Our next big goal is to continue and grow initiatives that attract readership across the spectrum of comic book fans so that creators and publishers significantly expand their readership.”

“From the beginning, our goal has always been to serve two unique communities – readers and creators – and to help bridge the gap between them,” said Kevin Van Nesscommunity director at GlobalComix. “By creating a support structure where we are actively engaged in discussions with our community, it allows us to be more than just a digital comic platform. It’s a place where creators can feel appreciated and celebrated.