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In My Diary is a traditional looking digital diary for Windows 10

Everyone should have a good personal organizer on hand. Some of us prefer to use notebooks or physical calendars, but there are also those who feel more comfortable using something on the digital side of things.

In traditional-looking digital My Diary

There are many digital agendas, but today we want to put a tool called In my diary in the spotlight. We love it for the functions it brings to the table and its traditional design.

It is not only a diary, but also a tool with password generator, calendar, etc. It’s a powerful tool, and we’re going to discuss how to get the most out of it.

  1. Take a look at the Journal to get started
  2. Let’s look at the calendar
  3. Use the password manager
  4. Synchronize with Google Calendar

Let’s discuss it from a more detailed point of view.

1]Take a look at the Journal to get started

The first thing you’ll want to do here is take a look at the log. Look on the left side of the app and you will come across the Journal tab. It is located under Calendar; therefore, it is very difficult to miss.

Now, once the Calendar section is open, you can go ahead and create an event. To do this, click on a specific date, then go from there; you can add notes or tasks. You can even ask the app to issue an alert by setting a particular start and end time.

The option is also there to send reminders to your email if you want to take advantage of it.

After making all the necessary changes, please click OK to add the event to your calendar.

2]Let’s look at the calendar

Okay, so we would like to point out that the Calendar feature is not very useful. Its main purpose is to highlight the days when you have set an event from the log. You can also go directly to the calendar events section by selecting a preferred date.

3]Use the password manager

If you haven’t downloaded a standalone password manager yet, how about taking advantage of what In My Diary brings to the table. To find the password manager, look to the right and click on Passwords, which is the one on the yellow tab.

You will be asked to add a master password to access in the future. Once that’s done, you should see sections to add your different passwords and categories that they might fall into.

4]Synchronize with Google Calendar

One of the features that will definitely appeal to a lot of people is the ability to sync In My Diary with Google Calendar. If you want to do that, click on Options above and then select the Google Sync configuration.

A new window will appear where you will need to add your private Google Calendar address, among other things, to get things going in the right direction.

Download In my journal from

If you need more information regarding this app, please leave a note in the comments section.

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