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Marvel digital comic book store closing in June

The spread of the novel coronavirus may have made digital comics more visible in recent years.

The spread of the new coronavirus may have made digital comics more visible in recent weeks, however, it appears Marvel is planning to shut down the Marvel Digital Comics Shop next month.

According to Screen Rant report, Marvel plans to close the Marvel Digital Comics store on June 2sd. While this may sound alarming to Marvel comic book readers who relied on digital versions during the COVID-19 lockdown, it looks like Marvel comic fans will still be able to access previously purchased ebooks even after the Marvel store. Digital Comics. closes in June.

Marvel still offers digital comics for purchase online, but this time the comics will be available on Comixology.

For the uninitiated, the Marvel Digital Comics Shop exists separately from the Marvel Marvel Unlimited subscription service. The digital comic store acts a lot like Comixology which sells single issue comics as well as Marvel comic book collections and bundles.

It appears Marvel is closing the Marvel Digital Comics Shop due to its redundancy when placed alongside Comixology. Of course, closing the digital comic book store also has some drawbacks for Marvel Comics – on the one hand, it hands over the responsibility for selling Marvel digital comics to a third-party vendor, namely Comixology.

Sadly, it looks like the new coronavirus quarantine has pushed Marvel Comics to its bottom line, so the company has no choice but to shut down Marvel Digital Comics.

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