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Marvel Digital Comics Shop closing: what you need to know

Marvel has announced plans to close its digital comic book store, part of its website where fans can purchase unique digital issues and Marvel comic book collections. The shutdown will take place on June 2, but that won’t be too big of a deal for readers. Marvel’s digital comics aren’t going anywhere, and you’ll still be able to access the content you’ve already purchased.

The Marvel Digital Comic Shop is exactly what it sounds like: an online destination where fans can browse digital comics and purchase them to read in the Marvel Comics app. In a notice posted to this website, Marvel revealed that it will close the digital store on June 2.

If you’ve ever purchased digital comics through this online store, Marvel says you’ll still have access to them, just use comiXology or the Marvel Comics app for iOS and Android. If you choose to use the latter app, Marvel notes that you’ll be able to log in with the same digital store credentials.

If you want to use comiXology, you will need to connect your Marvel Account to the service using its Marvel Sync tool. Digital comic book codes can still be redeemed through the Marvel website’s redemption page and the Marvel Unlimited service remains, of course; you will need to download its app to access this content.

Regarding pre-orders, Marvel says all pre-orders and series subscriptions made through its digital store and slated for release after June 1 will be canceled. Instead, you’ll need to make similar future purchases through comiXology, after which the content will be accessible in the Marvel Comics app if you wish.