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Marvel Is Making Lots Of Digital Comics Free For Next Month

Spider-Man from The Amazing Spider-Man #796 cover.

Spider-Man cover The Amazing Spider-Man #796.
Picture: Alex Ross

With comic book stores across the country closing their doors due for the novel coronavirusthe the whole comic book industry has effectively come to a standstill and it’s unclear if and when things will truly be able to return to “normal”. Many new comics are on hold, major conventions are canceled, and the only thing people can really do now is stay home (if possible) and try to get out of it.

With all of that in mind, Marvel has taken a small step to try and help people through these difficult times by temporarily making its Marvel Unlimited service a little more accessible with a few free titles. For next month, a selection of arcs from different Marvel comics like Ta-Nehisi coatsBlack Panther and Kelly Sue Deconnick’s Captain Marvel will be free to read without having to sign up for some sort of subscription trial period. To access it, just navigate to the “free comics” section of the iOS or Android app and browse at your leisure.

Compared to the entire Marvel Unlimited catalog, the free selection is relatively limited, but there are still many to peruse, and again, the publisher isn’t trying to charge anyone – or lock you into an essay you might forget to cancel – to read them. Moves like this are one of the ways comic houses can maintain connections with their customers at a time when people may not be prioritizing their draw lists exactly. Going forward, however, Marvel and other publishers will have to seriously consider whether they will have to put more effort into getting people onto their digital platforms if going to stores continues to be potentially dangerous.

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