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Marvel takes biggest leap forward in digital comics, with 27 exclusive new series

For years, Marvel Unlimited has been a place for comic book readers to devour thousands of stories from the history of the Marvel Universe. Now the app is getting a few upgrades – led by the biggest digital exclusive comic Marvel ever made.

The publisher announced Thursday morning that the Marvel Unlimited app – where subscribers have access to comics from all of Marvel history, including new versions arriving three months after they hit comic book stores – has just come from undergo a major facelift, including various new features for subscribers and a new logo. But this update wasn’t just about the interface. Marvel also announced a major new “Infinity Comics” initiative that begins with 27 new exclusive digital comics from some of the publisher’s top creators, including Jonathan Hickman, Skottie Young, Kelly Thompson, Gerry Duggan, Declan Shalvey, and more. .

So what is it that sets Infinity Comics apart? For one, they’re exclusive to Marvel Unlimited subscribers, adding a whole new dimension to the app’s reading experience. On the other hand, they’re specially designed to be read vertically by scrolling down on your device, just like you would with a news article or social media feed. Marvel has experimented with various digital comic book add-ons in the past, including the “Infinite Comics” push of the early 2010s that built animated panel transitions into digital-first stories, but that push seems even bigger. big.

“Marvel Unlimited’s goal has always been to provide the best digital comic book experience for our fans by giving them direct access to the unparalleled depth, breadth and vibrancy of Marvel characters and stories. With this relaunch, we’re bringing fans an even richer experience with Marvel stories crafted in a dynamic vertical format for the first time, ”Dan Buckley, president of Marvel Entertainment, said in a statement. “Our new Infinity Comics give our creators a chance to tell stories in a whole new way, and we look forward to connecting our fans to those stories in the months to come.”

Right now, you can read over two dozen Infinity comics in the Marvel Unlimited app, all described as “in the universe” stories, including X-Men unlimited, Little giant wonders, Black Widow, dead Pool, Shang-Chi, and more. By the end of the year, Marvel aims to have added 100 Infinity Comics issues to the Marvel Unlimited app.

But the new digital comics aren’t the only improvements. Today’s Marvel Unlimited update also includes a variety of new customization options, including the ability to “follow” your favorite characters and build a playlist based on the comics they appear in. The app has also added a new “plus” level for subscribers interested in fan events and discounts in the official Disney store, and perhaps the most important for binge readers: Unlimited downloads, so you can load your phone with Marvel Comics and dive wherever you want.

For more on the updates, head over to the Marvel website.