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Moon Knight QR Codes Easter Eggs Offer Free Digital Comics

Games, movies, and TV series have a tradition of hiding Easter eggs in their product. Mainly because fans love them, since they reward those with a keen eye with a connection to its lore, an immersion in history, and an aha moment of recognition. moon knight on Disney+on the multi-faceted Marvel superhero played by Oscar Isaac, also has its share of Easter eggs, but the one that stood out was the use of QR codes within the show.

In most shows, the setting usually only provides a visual backdrop for the scenes to play out. Many details will be ignored by the public. And more often than not, they’re really inconsequential props, but that’s not the case for moon knight.

Last week, a curious eagle-eyed fan supposedly tested the QR code found next to a sarcophagus in the museum where protagonist Steven Grant works. Turns out the QR code leads somewhere.

The QR code for the second episode of the show is also functional.

They both lead to a page on which hosts in free reading moon knight digital comics. These are updated weekly, so if you’ve missed previous weeks, you’re out of luck. But, wait, what’s that – a free trial of Marvel Unlimited, the subscription-based comic book service, and 80% off the first month for new subscribers if you use KHONSHU?

It smells like a marketing ploy to us. But hey, a free comic is a free comic.

And since it’s likely that Marvel will update the page with another moon knight comic issue every week, you can come back every Wednesday at 7am GMT (i.e. when a new moon knight episode releases Disney+) for your comic fix.

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