Digital comics

Onyx Boox launches the new digital comics application Bilibili


Onyx Boox has developed and tested a new digital comic app for its full range of devices through a partnership with bilibili. This version of the app was developed specifically for digital reading devices. In order to adapt to the refresh features of e-ink screens, Bilibili has simplified the user interface of the application, keeping only three tabs: “home page”, “library” and “mine”. In order to keep the app as robust as possible, many ads and animation effects are also removed. Onyx has created a few buttons in the app to turn pages quickly.

Bilibili is a digital comic and manga platform. They have hundreds of thousands of unique issues and graphic novels. Some of the content is available in Chinese, but the vast majority is also in English. This makes it a great platform optimized for E INK devices. This is similar to the work done on the main Kindle app for Android, Onyx was able to optimize it and remove animated page turns, so the app is more robust than the version available on the Google Play Store.

Onyx Boox owns and operates its own App Store which comes pre-loaded on all of its e-readers and eNotes. You’ll be able to download the Bilibili comics and manga platform today and it’s a great place to download free and paid content. I think the color comics and manga really excel on the brand new Onyx Boox Nova Air C, released a few weeks ago.