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Researchers at IIT-Jodhpur Develop Software Framework to Convert Digital Comics to Video

IIT Jodhpur

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Researchers at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT-Jodhpur) are developing a software framework, Comic-to-Video Network (C2VNet) to convert digitized comics into video. Digital Humanities researchers contribute a set of methodologies rather than different approaches, which emphasize the preservation, reconstruction, transmission and interpretation of human records in historical and contemporary ways.

According to IIT Jodhpur, “The C2VNet evolves panel by panel into a comic book and ultimately produces a full video (with audio) of a digitized or digital born storybook. The goal was to design and develop software that takes a comic strip born digitally or digitized as an input and produces an audiovisual animated film. ”

The researchers proposed a data set entitled “IMCDB: Indian Mythological Comic Dataset of Digitized Indian Comic Storybook” in English. “This contains full annotations for the panels, bitmask of the text bubble and text files for each speech bubble and narration box in a panel and plans to make the dataset publicly available,” says the communicated.

Dr Chiranjoy Chattopadhyay, Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, IIT Jodhpur, said the C2VNet panel pull model has two internal networks to support video creation. “CPENet developed by the team offers an accuracy of over 97%, and the SBSNet speech bubble segmentation model offers 98% accuracy with fewer parameters. Both have outperformed the top models. C2VNet is the first step towards the great future of automating comic book multimedia creation to bring new comic book reading experiences. ”