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Researchers at IIT Jodhpur Develop Software Framework to Convert Digital Comics to Video

IIT Jodhpur’s C2VNet software framework is more advanced than existing models, providing more precision.

IIT Jodhpur develops software framework to convert digital comics to video as well as audio from comics

NEW DELHI: Digital Humanities (DH) researchers at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) in Jodhpur have developed a framework for creating software, Comic-to-Video Network (C2VNet) to convert digital comics into video.

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The C2VNet will be programmed to produce video as well as audio for a digital storybook from the comics. The software is supposed to take a digital comic as input and create an audiovisual animated film from it. Researchers at IIT Jodhpur have also proposed a data set titled “IMCDB: Indian Mythological Comic Dataset of Digitized Indian Comic Storybook” in English, as well as the software.

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“The CPENet offers an accuracy of over 97%, and the SBSNet speech bubble segmentation model has an accuracy of 98%. Both are more advanced than the existing top models. C2VNet is the first step towards the future of automatic comic book multimedia creation, ”says Chiranjoy Chattopadhyay, Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, IIT Jodhpur.

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The DH of IIT Jodhpur works on ideas and methods that can lead to the preservation, reconstruction, transmission and interpretation of human records in historical and contemporary ways. It focuses on the production of knowledge through digital data from material objects, thus rethinking the existing processes of knowledge production.

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“The team also plans to work more on the software framework to modify the software to make multimedia books more immersive and engaging for readers. Much effort and time is spent on developing such interactive multimedia books. But with the help of this software, it can be done quickly and can be made much more interactive, ”says a statement from the IITJ.

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