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Rootines, digital journal for autism now available on iOS

RED OAK, Texas, June 1, 2021 / PRNewswire / – 1 in 45 people have autism spectrum disorder in United States and today ( is pleased to announce that in support of this community, their Rootines app (, a digital journal for autism, is now available for download on Apple App Store.

Rootines was created to help care for people with autism. By tracking key factors such as hydration, diet, mood, and more, valuable information can be gained to contribute to the well-being of the individual. Tamera jackson, CEO and Co-Founder highlighted the mission-based goal that started it all:

“Today it’s a dream come true; this application was imagined a few years ago through my own experiences. During the time spent with my friend who has autism spectrum disorder, I saw the challenges that caregivers and people on the spectrum face, and I have come to learn that despite the prevalence, there are few tools. to help. We’ve decided to change that, and our launch on iOS is just the start of those efforts. ”

With a commitment to user feedback, the team plans to add features and functionality based on solid user feedback. The app offers many features at no cost. Soon, Rootines will also be offering a paid subscription that provides comprehensive reports and information, the ability to provide access, and the ability to update your child’s profile with up to 5 members of your care team.

“We recognize that many of these people have a group of people who support their care – from parents to therapists, doctors and teachers, results and continuity are best exploited when everyone adds and digests the information,” said Blake rutherford, CMO and co-founder. plans to launch the app on Android at the end of the summer.

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Tamera jackson
CEO / co-founder
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