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Sora App’s New Digital Comic Book Sets Save Schools Time and Money

CLEVELAND – March 14, 2022 – In response to educators’ need for more digital content to engage students, OverDrive Training propose now popular digital comics to schools around the world via the Sora Student Reading App. Schools can purchase age-appropriate, cost-effective bundles totaling over 1,500 digital comics. These titles include concurrent use rights so that all students can instantly access titles for their age group. Sora is the leading student reading app available in over 53,000 schools worldwide.

An award-winning app known for assigned and chosen reading of ebooks, audiobooks, and magazines, Sora also provides a simple user experience for students to browse and read comics, even on phones. “All Access Comics” bundles are grouped into three age groups and contain the most popular titles for schools, including Avatar The Last Airbender, They Called Us Enemy, My Little Pony, Plants vs Zombies, Samurai Jack, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Astro Boy, Hellboy, and Toward the sky. View full title lists.

All Access Comics in Sora bundles also include Marvel titles that are not currently available in any other digital concurrent use model for schools, such as brands or characters like Avengers, Spider-Man, Eternals, Star Wars, Hulk, X-Men, Thor and Venom.

“This is a game-changer for our students, who now live in an increasingly visual world,” said Andrea Viscuis, library assistant at O2CM BOCES in New York. “Digital comics are a great way for students to hone their media literacy skills by interpreting images with text. Also, the comics support our students who struggle with text. We are excited to provide students with exciting opportunities to see themselves in books.

Educators can select any combination of lower, middle and upper grade packages with up to 20% savings for all three. They can also view usage data and remove specific titles from their collection using Sora’s powerful title and data management tools.

All Access Comics at Sora solves many of the challenges schools face with other digital comics subscription models. Specifically, each batch saves librarians time because there is no need to select individual titles or manage expirations or physical copies. Each title in each bundle is selected by OverDrive’s team of graduate librarians based on interest and relevance, so there are no surprises and only highly engaging content for readers of all skill levels.

All-inclusive bundle pricing (based on signup) helps make buying comics more cost-effective than buying by title. In addition, concurrent use rights to the collection allow students in a school to access the title appropriate for their age at the same time. Finally, students can use a single app to access comics alongside their school’s collection of ebooks, audiobooks, and digital magazines, consolidating reading into a streamlined user experience.

Additional features set comics in Sora apart from other services:

  • The comics are curated by librarians using review data to ensure each package includes only age-relevant titles; new issues are added periodically after review (title availability may vary by region).
  • Simple, up-front, district-wide pricing for concurrent access; purchase any combination of the three separate packages: Lower Grades, Mid Grades, Higher Grades.
  • Content access levels can be adjusted and schools can eliminate titles they don’t want.
  • Usage data is available to authorized educators in a secure reading dashboard for students.
  • Designed for busy teachers and content-hungry students.

“Our students, especially those in middle school, love comics and graphic books,” said Dawn Roberts, media specialist at Northeastern Utah Educational Services. “The artwork enhances their comprehension, and because they enjoy the reading experience, they continue to check out additional titles in a variety of genres. After only one week of availability in Sora, our All Access Comics bundle has over 500 cases!

Angela Arnold, General Manager of OverDrive Education, added, “Students expect to see their favorite characters and brands when we say ‘comic books’, and these packages live up to the promise of the name. Kids respond to brands they know, which drives reading engagement. Librarians and school staff are extremely busy, so our verification process saves them time. We’ve chosen three strong collections for each age group that will only get better with time.

Learn more about these digital comics and sora.

About OverDrive Education and the Sora student reading app

OverDrive Education, a division of OverDrive, delivers the industry’s largest catalog of eBooks, audiobooks, digital magazines and other content to more than 53,000 K-12 schools and millions of students worldwide. world. The company’s student reading app, sora, gives every student access to the right books. Supporting the need to read required curriculum titles, course packages, and the fun of reading e-books, Sora’s powerful learning tools and insights help meet the needs of students and educators . Sora was named one of TIME‘s Best Inventions of 2019. Acquired in 2021, complements Sora with one of the largest catalogs of original, curated literary resources. Founded in 1986, OverDrive – the leading digital reading platform for libraries – and OverDrive Education are based in Cleveland, Ohio USA.

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