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The Best ComiXology Alternatives for Reading Digital Comics


Amazon’s treatment of the ComiXology app hasn’t been to the liking of most hardcore comic book fans. None approved all of Amazon’s changes to the old ComiXology app, which includes merging it with the Kindle app so that all comic book titles must now be purchased and read from the Kindle app itself. This not only robbed ComiXology of its indie character, but the entire comic book buying and reading experience itself was also severely compromised.

Unfortunately, it also brought things to the point where we have to look for alternatives to the ComiXology app so we can have the same levels of comic book reading experience without getting into the mess the app is now transformed into. . Amazon has promised to improve things with ComiXology although it is a work in progress.

In the meantime, here are four digital alternatives to Amazon’s ComiXology experience as mentioned by ComicsBeat.

Publisher websites

Almost all publishers have their own websites or apps that allow users to purchase digital comics directly from them. Here is the list.

Black Horse, dynamite, Humanoids, SDI, Image, wonder, Rebellion, Scout, Valiant, Skipand VIZ.

Additionally, as the site mentioned, publishers such as Ahoy Comics, Aftershock, Archie, AWA, BOOM! Studios or Oni Press prefer to sell their digital copies only through Amazon.

Publisher Subscription Services

Several publishers have their own subscription model for reading digital comics. Take for example Marvel and DC which have their own app which also offers quite a similar feel and experience to the ComiXology app. They also offer an extensive collection of titles with the right filters that provide good searchability. The app as a whole is also extremely user-friendly and one can get started right away, even if they are unfamiliar with the ComiXology app.

DC Universe Infinite, however, will upload new comics six months after they’re published, while Marvel Unlimited has a three-month gap between publishing and uploading the latest title. The app is available for a monthly fee of $10. Also, while users can read all titles, they never own any.

Humble package

The to place often has collections of DRM-free digital comic titles to offer. It may therefore be useful to consult the site frequently. Also, there is no fixed price structure here. Instead, you pay what you want with the proceeds of funding from different charities and NGOs.

Via Hoopla and Libby

Neither app is perfect for consuming digital comics, but the advantage here is that publishers often upload the latest title just weeks after it’s published. In addition, some are even offered completely free of charge. So if you’re a member of a library that supports Libby or Hoopla, you can get along with the digital comics of your choice. The downside here is that formatting often goes out of whack with Hoopla while Libby doesn’t support double page spreads.

e-book retailers

Almost all e-book retailers such as Apple Books, Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble, and Google Play Books have dedicated comic book sections. These may not specialize in digital comic reading and are not expected to offer the same kind of feel that ComiXology once did, although they can be frequented as there often has great deals on offer and also have a nice collection.