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Tracer speeds up digital comics!

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Rejoice, Overwatch fans, as Team Overwatch’s fastest character leads his own 5-part series! New to Dark Horse Comics, Tracer stars in its own title, available now digitally at Title Overwatch: Tracer – The Call of London, this series follows Tracer and his need to find his place after Petras Act. Dark Horse’s press release reads:

Tracer’s time as an Overwatch agent has expired. Five years after the Petras Law was ratified, she is now dealing with small-scale crimes as a part-time hero. But when a punk-rock omnic named Iggy shows Tracer the dire living conditions that have been imposed on the omnics of London, Tracer becomes determined to help in any way he can, even if it puts her back in the sights.

Famous award-winning writer Eisner and Harvey Mariko Tamaki (This summer, X-23) and kinetic artist Babs Tarr (Bat girl, Engine crash) are joined by exquisite colorist Rachel Cohen (Snotgirl) and the extraordinary letterer Deron Bennett (Sand tale). Working closely together, Blizzard Entertainment and Dark Horse Comics present Monitoring fans with an exciting new addition to Overwatch expanding story in limited series Overwatch: Tracer – The Call of London. Taking place several years after Overwatch and its operatives were declared “illegal,” this essential comic book series will change forever Monitoring the story!

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Tracer: new looks

The illustration is superb and gives an impression of lightness to the title. Here again, what else can we expect from Tracer. The first issue does a great job creating a sympathetic Omnic and pulls us into their reality. How she handles the adversities ahead should make a great story, but she also does a fantastic job giving us her trademark moves and signature lines of the game.

Speaking of games, get ready because on September 15th, Comic Tracer is coming to the game!

Alongside the London call comic book series, Overwatch hosts the Tracer Comic Challenge. Players can earn an all-new Epic Skin, Comic Book Tracer, and other cosmetic goodies by winning Overwatch games starting tomorrow, September 15-28. The skin features original artwork from the London call cartoon problem. You can earn a variety of comic-themed sprays by watching Overwatch streamers on Twitch during the same time frame.

Black horse comics

Start reading the comic now and take advantage of the add-ons for the game. If you like the title and want it printed, you might have to wait awhile. The print copy won’t hit comic book stores until December 2, and both digital and print copies will come out 1 issue per month for 5 issues, so check it out now, and as Tracer – Cheers would say. Love!

So what do you think of the new Tracer comic?